Pets at Home Lead and Bed

I bought both of these items from Pets at Home, the lead was £9 and the bed was £18.

The Lead: I really like this lead. I chose it in red to go with the red and black theme I have with my equipment, but it also comes in a few other colours. The handle is leather; it’s flexible, but strong. The chain is reasonably short, so when you’re on this lead, you’re always going to be very close to your Master/Dom. The chain is heavy, but not too heavy; you can feel that it’s there, which I love, but it doesn’t pull on your neck too much. I wear this with my collar mainly when me and my Master go to BDSM clubs, but it’s small enough that I always carry it around in my handbag for whenever he wants me to wear it. Simple, but great item.

The Bed: This is a large soft dog bed, intended to go inside a plastic bed I think, but it’s great for sitting on the floor or inside a cage. I chose this particular bed because it was very soft and my Master wanted a bed for me to sit on when we are in the living room and he is on the sofa. It’s just big enough for me to curl up on (I am only just above 5′ though) and it is really comfy, so comfortable that I’ve fallen asleep on it on a few occasions.

If you’re looking for petplay equipment you don’t neccisarily have to buy specialist BDSM equipment, Pets at Home or other pet shops are great places to go for some things. Even if you’re doing kitten play however, it’s better to buy dog sized items when it comes to beds, cages, leads and collars as they’re more suitable in size for human use. In summary, both great items that were relatively cheap and I use them both very often.


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