Elektra-UK Shock Collar

I bought this from http://www.elektra-uk.net/ for £25 after seeing their demonstration at SWAMP in December.

When it arrived, the batteries in the controller were dead, but luckily I’d already bought spare batteries from Amazon, so it wasn’t an issue (they also sell them on their website, but they were sold out). It comes with an adjustable webbing strap so you can attach it to yourself; for example your leg, or your ankle or arm if you wrap it around twice. However if you wanted to put it somewhere else, around the waist for example, you could make your own strap or perhaps use tape or something similar. However, it is recommended that you do not use this product around the neck.

The control has three functions with levels going from 1-100 ; shock, vibrate and beep. You can switch between functions with the buttons on the front and use the buttons on the side to adjust the level. It also has a torch, for taking your pet for nightime walks I guess haha.

Shock: This mode is great for punishing bad behaviour. I’m quite sensitive, so even level 1 is pretty painful for me, so this is great for extreme masochists. However, putting it on different body parts can make it more or less painful; for example the ankle isn’t too bad, but it’s very painful on the soft skin of your arm. Both metal contacts need to be touching your skin for the shock function to work (I found this out while sitting in the ASDA carpark, thinking it wasn’t working, so I whacked it up to 100 and accidentally shocked myself haha).

Vibrate: This mode is good for a reward for good behaviour. The vibrations get stronger the higher the level, so this could be fun in more intimate areas.

Beep: Press this button on the controller and the receiver emits a beeping noise, so there’s not use in hiding. You’ll never use your slave/pet/submissive with this function. 😉

Me and my Master have used this to try and make me remember to call him Master more often, both at home and when out and about. This can be worn underneath clothing if you’re clever, so it’s a great item for correcting behaviour when out in public without anyone else knowing. I wore this under my coat in the supermarket, I probably looked a bit weird when I flinched though! I have also been shocked accidentally when he’s lent on the controller, so please be careful with your poor submissive. 😛

Overall this is a good product, perfect for behavioural correction and slave training. It is quite an extreme shock though, so unless your sub is an extreme masochist I’d recommend using it on very low levels. The anticipation is a major part of this product, adding to the fear and excitement, so you don’t even have to use the functions that much, just wearing it can help correct behaviour. I’d recommend this for use with your badly behaved slaves, or if you’re into electroplay and want to step it up a level and try something different.


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