Silicone Heart Riding Crop (Revisited)

I previously reviewed this product in my post Christmas Presents For Master, but after reading this Master decided that we needed to use some of our new toys more. So we gave the beginners riding crop and a couple other things another go when we played recently and I felt it deserved a more in depth review.

Well, I seriously downplayed this item in my previous review! For a beginners item you can really inflict some pain with this. Master used it in two different ways; with the flat of the heart and with the edge of the heart. The flat part causes quite a sting and can really leave some marks (I’m currently sporting a heart shaped bruise on my thigh haha) as you’d expect from a riding crop. The edge of the heart however is completely different; I thought my Master was hitting me with the end of the handle. It gives a real good wack, similar to a cane (or the handle, as I thought) and I was definitely left sore afterwards!

This was a great product for the price (on a ‘3 for £15’) and just goes to show how price and level (beginner, intermediate, advanced, etc.) doesn’t always depict how effective the toy will be during a scene. I’d recommend this item; it’s cheap, it’s pretty and it packs a punch.


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