Hand Made Mahogany Paddle

My Master purchased this of a guy called Ray (Sadistic_Santa on Fetlife https://fetlife.com/users/398168) at Club Bizarre in Swansea for £40

Ray was really friendly and let us have a good look at all his paddles, canes, whips, etc. to see what we liked. All his stuff is handmade and really beautiful. My Master chose this one in the end and he even gave us a deal. We’d mainly been using whips, rope  and a cane before, so this was something new for us.

It has a handle mounted on the top with finger grooves which makes it really easy to hold and control when you’re swinging it; the paddle feels as beautiful as it looks too. You can use it in a variety of different ways: using the flat side for a more thudding impact (with varying degrees of force), or using the edge for a harder more precise impact, which is closer to the sensation of a cane but with more weight behind it. This paddle really is a very versatile piece and can give such a variety of sensation, from a light pleasurable spanking, to a bruising beating!

Overall this is a beautifully crafted piece, that I’d say is a favourite within our collection and I’d definitely consider buying from him again (especially as I’ve just seen that he makes crosses and spanking benches too hehehe). I’d recommend him if paddles and spanking are your thing as he does lots of different things in a variety of different woods, that you’ll be happy to part with your money for.


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