Note Book and Cat Mask

These are just a couple little bits I picked up on the high street, to make nice little additions to my collection.

Leather Note Book: I got this from WHSmiths and I think it cost £10. It’s simple brown leather with lined pages, a cord bookmark and a little clasp to keep it shut. This is one of my most important pieces of my kit, as I use it as my slave diary. In here I write my rules and also entries about how I feel about my slavery; certain scenes; about my Master; about what I want; what I need, etc. My Master reads this whenever he chooses. I think this works great for us as I find it hard to communicate sometimes, but I can write about my feelings with ease. This way my Master knows how I’m feeling and if I’ve particularly enjoyed something, or want us to do something more. If you’re a slave/pet/submissive I’d really recommend keeping a diary.

Cat Mask: I got this from Claire’s Accessories for about £15. It was cute and I just had to have it haha. I haven’t worn it during a scene yet, but I imagine I will at some point in the future when my hair is a bit longer, so I can tie it up, as the elastic around the back looks a bit silly when I have my hair down.

It shows how just a couple little things from average high street shops, that can make vital additions to your equipment collection and help things run smoother within your life and service.


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