Silicone Heart Riding Crop (Revisited)

I previously reviewed this product in my post Christmas Presents For Master, but after reading this Master decided that we needed to use some of our new toys more. So we gave the beginners riding crop and a couple other things another go when we played recently and I felt it deserved a more in depth review.

Well, I seriously downplayed this item in my previous review! For a beginners item you can really inflict some pain with this. Master used it in two different ways; with the flat of the heart and with the edge of the heart. The flat part causes quite a sting and can really leave some marks (I’m currently sporting a heart shaped bruise on my thigh haha) as you’d expect from a riding crop. The edge of the heart however is completely different; I thought my Master was hitting me with the end of the handle. It gives a real good wack, similar to a cane (or the handle, as I thought) and I was definitely left sore afterwards!

This was a great product for the price (on a ‘3 for £15’) and just goes to show how price and level (beginner, intermediate, advanced, etc.) doesn’t always depict how effective the toy will be during a scene. I’d recommend this item; it’s cheap, it’s pretty and it packs a punch.


Hand Made Mahogany Paddle

My Master purchased this of a guy called Ray (Sadistic_Santa on Fetlife at Club Bizarre in Swansea for £40

Ray was really friendly and let us have a good look at all his paddles, canes, whips, etc. to see what we liked. All his stuff is handmade and really beautiful. My Master chose this one in the end and he even gave us a deal. We’d mainly been using whips, rope  and a cane before, so this was something new for us.

It has a handle mounted on the top with finger grooves which makes it really easy to hold and control when you’re swinging it; the paddle feels as beautiful as it looks too. You can use it in a variety of different ways: using the flat side for a more thudding impact (with varying degrees of force), or using the edge for a harder more precise impact, which is closer to the sensation of a cane but with more weight behind it. This paddle really is a very versatile piece and can give such a variety of sensation, from a light pleasurable spanking, to a bruising beating!

Overall this is a beautifully crafted piece, that I’d say is a favourite within our collection and I’d definitely consider buying from him again (especially as I’ve just seen that he makes crosses and spanking benches too hehehe). I’d recommend him if paddles and spanking are your thing as he does lots of different things in a variety of different woods, that you’ll be happy to part with your money for.

Note Book and Cat Mask

These are just a couple little bits I picked up on the high street, to make nice little additions to my collection.

Leather Note Book: I got this from WHSmiths and I think it cost £10. It’s simple brown leather with lined pages, a cord bookmark and a little clasp to keep it shut. This is one of my most important pieces of my kit, as I use it as my slave diary. In here I write my rules and also entries about how I feel about my slavery; certain scenes; about my Master; about what I want; what I need, etc. My Master reads this whenever he chooses. I think this works great for us as I find it hard to communicate sometimes, but I can write about my feelings with ease. This way my Master knows how I’m feeling and if I’ve particularly enjoyed something, or want us to do something more. If you’re a slave/pet/submissive I’d really recommend keeping a diary.

Cat Mask: I got this from Claire’s Accessories for about £15. It was cute and I just had to have it haha. I haven’t worn it during a scene yet, but I imagine I will at some point in the future when my hair is a bit longer, so I can tie it up, as the elastic around the back looks a bit silly when I have my hair down.

It shows how just a couple little things from average high street shops, that can make vital additions to your equipment collection and help things run smoother within your life and service.

Christmas Presents for Master

I bought these items from as a little treat to go with my Master’s main Christmas present. The order should have been £26.97, but the items were on a ‘3 for £15’ bondage deal.

Bondage Boutique Stainless Steel Wartenberg Pinwheel: My Master had wanted one of these for quite a while, so I thought it’d make a perfect Christmas present. It’s small and simple, but it’s effective. If you like the sensation of being scratched, you’ll probably enjoy this. A great little tool to enhance pleasure during a scene without much effort at all. We haven’t used this a great deal yet, but I’m sure we’re going to get a lot of use out of it.

Bondage Boutique Beginners Silicone Heart Riding Crop: A riding crop was another thing my Master had been interested in getting, so I thought I’d get this as a start to see if we liked it before getting something more expensive. I didn’t have my expectations set too high with this item because of the silicone tip, but this item can deliver a surprising sting which me and my Master weren’t expecting haha. It’s a nice simple piece of kit; I’d say it’d be great as a warm up at the start of a more complex scene.


Bad Kitty Bondage Candle: Me and my Master had already experimented with normal candles, but I have quite sensitive skin and found it to be way too hot and painful. I bought this for him so we could try it again with something designed for use on skin, to see if it would be more tolerable. It’s not as hot as a normal candle, so I was able to withstand the pain. The anticipation of not knowing where the wax is going to land next really adds to the pleasure and the wax leaves a pretty pattern on your skin. The only problem we had with this specific candle was that the wick burnt down very quickly, at a much faster rate than the wax. I’m sure we’ll try this again and hopefully the candle will still be usable.

Fifty Shades of Grey Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle: This item is usually sold at £24.99, but it came as a free gift with my order, and as yet hasn’t had a lot of usage. We did have a bit of a play around with it however and this is another item that gives better results than expected. It’s different on both sides; one side is padded satin and the other side is firm leather. I think this could be rather fun during a scene, trying to anticipate whether you’re going to be spanked softly, or whether you’ll receive a sharp sting. It’s definitely on the beginners end of the scale, but don’t underestimate what you can do with this. It’s also small, so great to take with you if you’re travelling and still want to play.

Overall, a few simple items that gave better results than expected and make great introductory items to explore different kinds of play. Fun little gifts that I think my Master enjoyed and hopefully we’ll be able to get some good use out of them as small components of a more complex scene.