Swarovski Heart Day Collar

This is another item from ScarlettInChains, I purchased it for £13.00


Unlike the wrist cuffs, this item only had the option of a swivel clasp, but she now offers it with different locking options. However, this worked in my favour as it meant it could be worn on an every day basis and could be taken off easily if needed, without my Master having to be there to unlock me! I used to wear this all the time, as it was suitable to wear at work behind the bar; but I now work in the kitchen, so this is the only time I take it off, aside from swapping to different collars for specific play scenes.

The Swarovski crystal heart is really pretty and gives the item a look of a necklace. This is nice if you’re wanting to wear a collar all the time, but you aren’t comfortable or it isn’t appropriate to wear a more obvious BDSM collar.

In the item description she gives a warning that because of the crystal it’s not suitable for heavy play. I wear this during play and also with a lead with no problem, but it’s something to bare in mind, especially if your play is particularly heavy/extreme.

Once again, very quick delivery and comes in a nice little pouch. I am really keen on this seller and I particularly love this item; I’d wear it all the time if I didn’t have to wear it for work. Very pretty, but also suitable for play!


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