Rockstar Wrist Cuffs

I bought these from the ScarletInChains Etsy store for £28.00

These come as a pair and you can choose what sort of closure or lock you’d like, as well wrist size. As you can see I chose the heart padlock, which comes with a small set of keys. They also come in a nice little pouch, which is great to store them in – easy to pop in your handbag!

I originally purchased these to wear on a day-to-day basis, however they are way too heavy and chunky for me, as I have small wrists, and would not be suitable for work. I do like them though and they still make very nice restraints with good size rings, although they aren’t used that often. I believe she now offers a mini version, which I’d imagine would be ideal for daily wear, as well as kinky fun!

I really like this seller; delivery is quick and she’s very good at responding to feedback and messages. I would recommend you visit this store if you’re looking for bondage jewellery that’s also tough enough for play!


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