Bondage Boutique Soft Cotton Black Shibari Rope

I bought this product from It was £9.99 each (ten metres), but they had a deal on, so I got three for £15. Each rope also came with a pack of three bondage tapes (also ten metres each); so that’s three ropes (thirty metres) and nine small rolls of bondage tape (ninety metres) for just £15+P&P. If you haven’t used lovehoney before, I’d recommend it as they do lots of good deals and if you sign up you can earn points and money off your orders.

This rope comes in three colours – red, black or pink. I chose the black, just because I think it looks sexy (when it comes to my bondage equipment, I have a bit of a black and red theme haha). If you’re wanting to tie up someones whole body, bare in mind you will need a lot of rope – ten metres doesn’t go as far as you’d think – so this deal was perfect. It’s very soft, so it’s comfortable on the skin. It can stretch a bit though, so if you’re suspending someone, or doing more complicated rope work, you probably want to use hemp rope (which Bondage Boutique also sell at the same price, I believe).

The possibilities are really endless with this product! It can be used simply to restrain someone by their wrists; to rig someone up in an interesting position to the end of the bed; to tie someones body up… Really whatever comes to your imagination. If your wanting to do something a bit more complicated however, I’d recommend you attend a rope/shibari workshop, as safety is key with rope bondage.

Overall, a great product at a great price, that me and my Master use on a regular basis. I’d recommend learning rope bondage if you haven’t tried it before; it can be really fun and it opens up so many more opportunities. This is a key part of my kit, I don’t know what I’d do without it!


Swarovski Heart Day Collar

This is another item from ScarlettInChains, I purchased it for £13.00

Unlike the wrist cuffs, this item only had the option of a swivel clasp, but she now offers it with different locking options. However, this worked in my favour as it meant it could be worn on an every day basis and could be taken off easily if needed, without my Master having to be there to unlock me! I used to wear this all the time, as it was suitable to wear at work behind the bar; but I now work in the kitchen, so this is the only time I take it off, aside from swapping to different collars for specific play scenes.

The Swarovski crystal heart is really pretty and gives the item a look of a necklace. This is nice if you’re wanting to wear a collar all the time, but you aren’t comfortable or it isn’t appropriate to wear a more obvious BDSM collar.

In the item description she gives a warning that because of the crystal it’s not suitable for heavy play. I wear this during play and also with a lead with no problem, but it’s something to bare in mind, especially if your play is particularly heavy/extreme.

Once again, very quick delivery and comes in a nice little pouch. I am really keen on this seller and I particularly love this item; I’d wear it all the time if I didn’t have to wear it for work. Very pretty, but also suitable for play!

Rockstar Wrist Cuffs

I bought these from the ScarletInChains Etsy store for £28.00

These come as a pair and you can choose what sort of closure or lock you’d like, as well wrist size. As you can see I chose the heart padlock, which comes with a small set of keys. They also come in a nice little pouch, which is great to store them in – easy to pop in your handbag!

I originally purchased these to wear on a day-to-day basis, however they are way too heavy and chunky for me, as I have small wrists, and would not be suitable for work. I do like them though and they still make very nice restraints with good size rings, although they aren’t used that often. I believe she now offers a mini version, which I’d imagine would be ideal for daily wear, as well as kinky fun!

I really like this seller; delivery is quick and she’s very good at responding to feedback and messages. I would recommend you visit this store if you’re looking for bondage jewellery that’s also tough enough for play!

Bondage Boutique Soft Bondage Kit

I bought this product from LoveHoney for £34.99 (I also purchased this bag for £4.99 that it all fits into perfectly for neat and discrete storage

I purchased this about five months ago and it was the very first bondage equipment I owned. It’s perfect for beginners, but still has a great place within my collection and is still utilised on a regular basis.

This kit contains a blindfold, adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs with strap, small ball gag and a soft flogger.

The Blindfold: This is very comfortable to wear and you can’t see through it at all, so does it’s job perfectly.

Ball Gag: This is small, so great for beginners. It’s easy to put on and reasonably comfortable to wear, with the ball made out of soft rubber, but personally I’m not keen on ball gags so it hasn’t been used much.

Flogger: It may be small and soft, but if you get the right swing behind it, it can still give a good sting! It’s not used too much anymore, but still has good use beyond just beginners bondage.

Wrist and Ankle Cuffs: These are also very comfortable, made out of the same material as the blindfold. They do up with velcro, so very good for beginners, and also easy to put on and take off on your own (so you can be ready and waiting for your Master). They have clips on so you can attach them to each other, to rope; the clips are a bit small though – too small to attach to the metal bars on a bed, but you could attach them to each other through the bars. The wrist and ankle restraints are different sizes, which I liked as I have very small wrists. I haven’t used the strap it comes with, but you’re supposed to be able to create a hogtie with it (however, you can just do this by clipping all four restraints to each other). It’d be nice if it came with some bed straps instead.

The restraints are still used on a regular basis in combination with rope; they can be pulled on a lot and still stay on perfectly even though they’re velcro. If you have a disobedient slave/sub however, you may need something with locks if you can’t trust them to not take them off! Overall I’d rate this as a great product to start out with, which can all be stored in a small bag for if you’re getting kinky on the move!



A Little Bit About Me And My Blog…

Hi, my name is Kitten!

I have a Master and I am his slave; we also in a committed relationship with each other.

I haven’t been part of the BDSM scene for very long, but I’m learning and doing more every day. I have made this blog to review BDSM equipment/clothing/etc. Hopefully it’ll be useful for both beginners and experienced players.

Let me know if there’s anything that you’d like me to try and review.

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